Orlando Front End Developer meetup

Saturday, November 23rd 2013

It's happening! The Orlando Front End Developer meetup will be a thing here shortly. I've been talking about it since first visiting a Orlando Ruby Users Group meetup.

I just purchased the domain orlandofrontenddevs.com so in the coming weeks there will be a site up for your viewing pleasure.

Where will it be held?

IZEA is moving to a new office space that will have a dedicated area in the office for community events. I'm still deciding on a day of the week it'll take place on and our official first meetup time. But just know, it's happening :)

Are you an orlando front end developer?

What would you like to see from this? What kind of talks? Time suggestions? What day is best for most of you? Let me know in the comments :)

In the meantime..,

Follow @OrlandoFrontEnd and on GitHub where the websites code will be and all of the talks code.