Farewell Front End Design Conference

Sunday, July 13th 2014

This was the last year of Dan Denny's amazing conference he's been running for over 5 years. I'm sad to see it go. I've only had the pleasure of attending the conference twice, but in the two years I have went I made some amazing friends like Ricardo Vazquez, Wayne Espinola, Travis Miller, Oleg Zhovnir, Roman Smolkin, and many more. Dan has built an amazing community of people that are all super friendly.

It starts top down

The awesome atmosphere and community Front End Design Conference has comes directly from Dan. Seriously, there isn't a friendlier person in the world.

Let me give an example. Be 19 year old me last year a month before the conference starts. I found Front End Design Conference a couple of months prior and was super active on twitter. I was @replying to everyone that talked about the conference. That's all it took for Dan to follow me. Around the same time I was just laid off from the agency I had been working at.

I sent a message to Dan on Twitter asking if he knew anyone that was hiring. He messages right back saying he knows of one place but he'll put a tweet out asking if there anyone else knows. That tweet ultimately landed me a job at IZEA.

He didn't even know me personally and he still went above and beyond. And by the sound of things at the conference this year Dan has touched many peoples lives.

What's next?

I've mentioned on twitter that I want to take what I've done with Front End Orlando as a meetup and turn it into a conference. It's nothing but an idea right now but Dan has said he's willing to grab lunch with me one day when he's in Orlando and teach me the ins and outs of putting on a conference.

So don't worry, hopefully there will be another Front End related conference in Orlando next year :)