Facebooks Revamped News Feed

Thursday, March 7th 2013

Today Facebook introduced their update for the News Feed. It looks pretty slick and I know I can't wait to get my hands on it. I want to share my thoughts on it (before I get my hands on it.) I want to touch on three things: their design, how they went mobile first, and their presentation of it.

The Design

So, how long have we been using Facebook and the News Feed hasn't changed? Of course it's changed a little here and there, but there hasn't been anything like this for a long time. I, for one, welcome this change. The current design of the News Feed is a little bit behind and this is a well deserved make over. Some of the major things to highlight is it's much wider than the older design:

Now the feed takes a little more than two thirds of the viewport which allows them to expand elements out. They've changed how it looks when multiple friends share the same thing, how up coming events are displayed, and when multiple friends add a person it shows a little more information of them.

Someone with a sharp eye might also notice this new news feed comes with Facebooks Open graph search, which I'm excited for. The state of Facebooks search is pathetic!

Mobile First

This is interesting, and it's a thing that I've been wanting to try for sure. Mobile first design means you START the design on a mobile device. Facebook, in their presentation, said that it really makes you think about what content is important. It helps peel back things that might not be needed and make the most important content come first, then the neat extras after.

Facebook also pulled somethings from mobile over to the desktop version of the site like the "2 new posts" bubble you see on the mobile apps and the sliding navigation tray. Neeto! :D

The important thing to take away from this is that big players in the industry are doing mobile first for their giant web properties. Why aren't we?

The Presentation

I just want to touch on this briefly. I think Facebook did a fantastic job on presenting this today. In my opinion it was done much better than Sony's PS4 announcement.

I just couldn't help but feel like they pulled some thing from Steve Jobs' book, though. Steve always referred (and return so did Apple) to their products and "things." For example they said "and this is iPhone" not "this is the new iPhone" and Facebook did much the same today. Mark kept saying News Feed this, News Feed that. That made me miss Steve and Apples presentations a little.

So these are my (jumped) thoughts on Facebooks new News Feed. I'm super stoked to get my hands on it!